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One can be admitted to Art Grammar School Programme when successfully finishing primary school and passing an entrance aptitude test.

In the case of limited enrollment, the grades in the primary school, as well as the results of the National Assessment of Knowledge in Year 9,  are  considered.



Students need to display knowledge in the following areas:

  • music theory (six years of study are needed)
  • ear training (two years of study)
  • piano playing (six years of study)



Students need to display knowledge of  music theory and ear training ( six years of study).

In addition, the following  requirements need to be fulfilled:

For  the ORGAN: at least two years of playing the instrument are required.

For the DOUBLE BASS, at least four years of playing the instrument, maximum student’s  age at the enrolment: 20 years

FOR the VIOLA, GUITAR, FLUTE, CLARINET, OBOE, BASSOON, SAXOPHONE, HORN, TRUMPET, TROMBONE, TUBA, PERCUSSION, ZITTER,  and HARP: at least six years of playing the instrument, for the wind, brass instruments and percussion a medical certificate is needed, maximum age limit for students of the bassoon, trombone and tube is 20 years.

FOR the PIANO, VIOLIN, CELLO, ACCORDION, RECORDER:  eight years of playing the instrument and for the flute a  medical certificate needs to be enclosed.

FOR VOCAL STUDIES:  four years of vocal training,  a medical certificate, age limit for girls: 22 years, age limit for boys: 24 years.

The aptitude test for musicians consists of 2 parts:  playing the instrument and music theory, the aptitude test for ballet dancers assesses their ballet dancing skills.


MODULE A: ballet

A candidate has to:

  • pass the aptitude test ( 6 years of ballet classes required), music theory ( 2 years of studies),
  • enclose a medical certificate

A physique and well-balanced proportions (turn-out capability through hips, knees and ankles; flexibility through foot, ankle, spine … )  are observed as well.


The term is used when a student attends two schools: the one where (s)he takes general classes such as Slovene, Math, foreign language, History… and a parallel school, (in our case the Conservatory) where the candidate takes part only in professional subjects.

In such a way any students studying vocal studies, bassoon,  double bass, trombone, organ, percussion, tuba and other conical bore brass instruments can be educated.

The candidates  are obliged to take the aptitude test as well.